Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 - Pilot - Episode review

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Today is the 20th of December and we are eagerly waiting for episode 13 of season 2, which will be aired on the 2nd of January 2012. Till then I decided to watch season 1 again and review each episode.  I've mentioned all that because I will highlight some details which were not as important when we saw this episode for the first time as they are now. Please feel free to join me and share your review, opinion, comment  with us.

I have to tell you English is only my third language, I will do my best but can't guarantee there will be no mistakes, so please be gentle with me :).  

Victor Hess's brother (source)

In this episode  Victor Hess's brother is arrested and Steve McGarett's father taken hostage by Victor Hess. Steve's convoy is ambushed, people are killed and Steve is forced to protect himself and by doing so, he kills Victor Hess's brother.

When Hess finds out that his brother is dead, kills McGatrrett's father. At least that's what we thought after  watching the episode. Now I'm not so sure he is dead because all we hear was a gunshot. We haven't actually seen Hess shooting him.

So the Governor of Hawaii is recruiting Steve McGarrett to run a special task force to go after guys like Hess, and grants him full immunity. "Your rules, my backing and no red tape" - says the  Governor.
After the funeral Steve goes to his father's house, finds the toolbox full of evidence, with the "Champ" label on it. There he meets detective Danny Williams, who will became his partner. Obviously they have many disagreements, as usual. 

They start to share the information they have about the case and at one point Danny says: "When I ran a ballistics comparing with the bullet that killed your father ..."   So I assume the body was found with the bullet in it. 

After forcing Danny to work with him they go to visit a suspect named Duran and cos the fun part: Danny gets shot, Steve chases the suspect who takes a woman hostage, forces Steve to put his weapon down and tries to kill Steve. Danny shoots him and saves Steve life. 

After this incident they get into an argument over their working methods, Steve twists Danny's arm and Danny hits him. This is a very cool scene. I love it. 

Chin Ho Kelly comes into picture, a former Honolulu PD detective, who quit HPD after being accused of taking payoff money, now works as some kind of guard at a gift shop. Steve convince him to join the team.  Later on Kamekona shows up. I just love this guy. He is so funny. He gives them a name, Sang Min, who runs the island human import-export business. They need a bait to catch him and this is when we meet Kono.

This is my favorite scene. Kono is really adorable, there is great chemistry between them. She graduates from Police Academy in a couple of weeks and she's happy to go under cover, so she becomes the fourth member of the team. 

The operation goes well. Kono does a really good job. They catch Sang Min who tells them Hess's location. They find a guy on a Chinese ship, after a fight Steve shoots him, puts 2 bullet in him but he doesn't die, as we'll find out later.

"Book'em Danno" (Source)

Excellent story lines:

Danny: "Your apology is noted, acceptancy is pending"

Danny: "That's your cousin?
Chin Ho: "Choose your next words carefully, both of you"

Sang Min: "What kind of cops are you?"
Steve: "The new kind"

This is a really great pilot episode. Great characters, great actors and great story. Danny is Mr. Manual, he likes to play by the rules, Steve isn't. 5 years Naval Intelligence, 6 years with the Seals, no wonder he is not but that's why they make a good team. I love the little arguments they have all the time. 

There were some speculations on about McGarrett senior being alive. Now, after watching this pilot again I was wandering if he is alive, what kind of body was examined by the ME? I don't think McGarrett senior is alive and he can't be Shelburn either. 

What do you think? Please feel free to comment or write your own review.

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