Hawaii Five-0 - Episode 2.13 "Ka Ho' Oponopono" - Episode review

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I must say I'm a bit disappointed at the moment. I was expecting more  from this episode. Instead of getting answers, we got more questions but let's see the details. 

First, instead of a hot, charming, sexy and good looking Steve McGarrett we got a tired, skinny one. 

What is it with him? Maybe he lost some weight or he was just tired but I really hope he's look will get better soon. I don't like him like this. I want the cute and handsome Alex back. 

We had some interesting teams this episode. I think the writers wanted us to have something different this time.

A good thing was having Steve and Kono teamed up again. They look really good together,  they make a good team.

The other team in this episode was Danny and Lori team. I'm not a big Lori fan but instead of having Steve teamed up with Lori I'd rather watch Danny work with her.  Look at them, they have the same height, both have blondish hair. 

Kono and Lori?  That's interesting.


I was happy to see Steve's interrogation techniques again. It's true Danny told him "You're an animal" but I think he is getting used to McGarrett's Seal style, I guess he even likes it.

It was less screen time for Chin Ho this time and more for Joe.

I really don't understand Joe. Going home like nothing happened after being threatened on the highway? For God's sake, what was he thinking? He knew these guys are not street punks, he knew he has to watch himself.
  • Why would Joe help Hiro Noshimuri "fake his own death"?
  • Who is Hiro Noshimuri to Joe? 
  • Why is everyone afraid of Wo Fat?
  • Who is this  Wo Fat anyway?
  • How long does Joe think he can keep Steve away from the truth? 
  • Why is Steve still believe Joe is on his side? 
Somehow I don't understand how can Steve let Joe go back and forth between China and Hawaii, taking care of things his own way without telling him what is really going on. The most important thing for Steve McGarrett right now is to find out the truth about his parent's murder. Joe knows the answer, he's not telling him anything and Steve is doing nothing to get the truth out of him. I understand that Joe is like a father to him but still, this is not right.

On the other hand, season 2 is not as fun as season 1 was. We used to witness funny scenes with Kamekona, Grace, Rachel, we used to see them getting together to celebrate, to have a drink after work etc. Where are those days? Where is Kamekona, Grace and  Rachel? We haven't seen  Max either for a long time. This show used to be fun. No one is having a personal life these days. Chin Ho is married now but we haven't got one single joke about how his married life is. In season 1 we've seen Kono with that surfer guy, then there has been some love interest between her and that lab guy Fong, and now she is all alone, she doesn't even surf any more. Kamekona is a really funny guy, he used to have funny story lines but we haven't seen him either lately.

I don't know about you but for me this show is not what it used to be any more.

Now I'm going to read the reviews on TV Fanatic & Twitter and probably I'll be back with more comments.

In the meantime please feel free to comment. I would love to see what other #H50 fans think about the new episode.

Thanks for reading my review.

This episode left me with a sour taste in my mouth

9 Responses to “Hawaii Five-0 - Episode 2.13 "Ka Ho' Oponopono" - Episode review”

  1. Great comments - followed you from TV Fanatic.
    Alex O/Steve McGarrett - Hottest guy on TV and what are they doing with his looks? Bad haircut, too skinny, no shirtless shots. Do they think we watch this show for the thrilling plots? I don't anyway.
    Agree also about the humor and camaraderie they had in the first season. Very much gone. NO romance for anyone either. Great point no
    "married" jokes at Chin. Dan could probably come up with a few you'd think.
    Also think Dan is getting used to Steve's ways, therefore barely even remarking on him tossing that guy down on the beach.
    Don't miss Rachel (cheater) but do miss Monkey. Enjoy seeing more of Max too.
    Wish Kono would hook up with Fong.

  2. I am seriously worried about ALex. He looked so tired and thin. Look at the difference in him from the pic from that epi to the one you have up from steve winning the favorite character poll. I hope he is okay.

    Amazing alex

  3. @Mrs. Cleaver - Nice to see you here. I'm glad we agree on many things. I think Adam Noshimori would be better for Kono. Too bad he associates with known criminals.

  4. @Amazingalex - Let's hope he's just tired. Let's wait and see how he shows up next week. If he'll look like sh*t, we'll send him home ok? Will you take care of him? lol :)

  5. @Martinelli..I will be on the first flight to hawaii. I have no problem being his maid. Also I make a mean italian meal. He could use some carbs. LOL!
    Your right though maybe on vacation he got some rest and laid off the workouts a little. I think he is getting a bit obsessed. You know his trainer should be watching for his well being and tell him to add some calories. Bad trainer!! We worry out of love not critism. I mean he is still the hottest man on tv.


  6. Alex is looking thinner and tired. Maybe the stress of being captured and tortured has caught up to him. Hmm, could be the plot for a new episode. Seriously, hope he's ok.

    Signed your petition to have Adam cast as another member! Great move. Hope they listen.

    Guess I'm going to have to learn to Twitter to keep up with all this H5-O info!

    Thanks for the blog - love the pictures and the info!

  7. Alex may be a little thinner but he still looks great and I'd like him no matter what he looks like. He's a lot more than a pretty face. I just hope the work load is not getting to him and he is taking care of himself.
    I enjoy the show as much as I did last year. It still has its fun moments but the last few episodes have been more serious and I have no problem with that. I have no interest really in seeing Rachel again. Her and Danny sleeping together left a bad taste in my mouth.
    I'm not a fan of romance on the show so again not bothered about that. Would like to see Catherine make an appearance but otherwise I love the show this season. My only gripe is Lori. Don't like her at all.

  8. Ahahaha yup why doesn't she finish one relationship before jumping into another!?? It isn't hard to get a divorce is it?!? She's probably one of those types who can't be alone! This isn't going to end well! It didn't begin well to begin with!you would think that if she was in love with ex then she would wat her last to be her last and to finish completely with the ex in order to feel freed with no strings to carry on not simultaneously attach herself to person after person!

  9. I know I'm several years late 2 the party here but have 2 weigh in with my opinion 2day! I've watched every episode of every season and think it's bar none one of the best shows on tv. If NCIS can go 13 seasons then Hawaii Five-O should CERTIANLY be able 2 equal or more realistically, surpass that. Alex is an AMAZING leading man, from stunning, rugged(but also boyish in a wonderful way) good looks, acting ability, the compassion yet a "take no prisoners " & "no holds bar" attitude...he plays it all 2 balanced perfection. There's no way you can't feel safe, protected and understood by his character no matter the situation. As 4 the rest of the core team, they ALL work in synergistic flawless beauty. I can't even pick a favorite bcz ea of theservice actors qualities are SOOOOO.strong, it would take days 2 list then. I barely scratched the surface on Alex!! Lol! πŸ˜‚ point is this...the dynamic of this group is unparalleled!!! What the audience feels (at least me) is what I think the directors and writers were going for. That these could actually be real people, that if u visit or live in Hawaii, you'd expect 2 see this exceptional group of law enforcement around town cleaning up and protecting the ppl of Hawaii and lastly that they truly care for the people and especially one another. .."ohana"(family) no one gets left behind!!!! I LOOOOVE and respect what this show is trying 2 portray so a weak episode here and there means nothing 2 me in the whole scheme of things. What they bring 2 the table far outweighs even the slightest of what some may call a dissapointing episode. In the end, it all flows 2gether flawlessly and I'm proud 2 know there are still ppl out there striving 2 make morally based tv, showing us that in a era of corruption there's still a strong moral compass & lines that certian ppl will not cross while doing anything 2 protect and having the backs of their city and eachother!
    Your biggest fan (3rd time watching from beginning 2 end...been super sick, so have had time on my hands)
    Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL work!! Mahalo 2 you all!!!!πŸ˜™❤❤❤


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