Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan at Surf4hugs

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"SURF 4 HUGS was started in Waikiki, Hawaii, in the summer of 2004. In an effort to teach our keiki (children) the value of giving back to those in need. Description Smiles, hugs and a child’s first wave standing up… there is nothing better than seeing a child, who has been stricken by a life-threatening disease, and their family enjoying a carefree day at the beach. All worries are cast aside as the family enjoys a much needed day of good fun, friends, food, free t-shirts, commemorative photos, and maybe even a canoe ride with a favorite volunteer. " Source


2 Responses to “Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan at Surf4hugs”

  1. Great pictures. Thanks for posting all of them. Glad to see these two do things off the set as well.


  2. @Zia - Thank you for reading and following my blog regularly :) means a lot to me. And yes, it seems like Hawaiian people are very happy to have them there and H50 actors respect the people and their tradition. They care for Hawaii and the Hawaiian people, which is really good.

    Alex looks amazing, he looks relaxed and healthy!


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