Let's say Wo Fat is Dorris McGarrett's son

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's say Wo Fat is indeed Steve's half brother.  What kind of mother would Dorris McGarrett be in this case?
  1. Dorris McGarrett killed her own child's father.
  2. Her two sons are practically hunting for each other.
  3. Wo Fat murdered his half brother's father, framed him and put him in jail for murdering the governor.
  4. Dorris McGarrett faked her own death,  vanished for 20 years,  abandoned her husband and her  children.
  5. Steve and Marry were tortured for investigating her death.
This is a big mess made by  Dorris McGarrett. I hope the writers are smart enough and will come up with something better.

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  1. Hi Martinelli,

    I agree this would be a big mess. I think this is a good story line, but I think having Wofat as McG's half brother is going too far. I love Christine's portrayal of Doris, but don't like what the character has done, and think she could have made other choices. I'm hoping that they point that out. I do understand the turmoil by McG, I mean its his Mom, thats a hard bond to break, although he could not be blamed if he did.
    Can't wait to see what they have for us tonight.


  2. Could WoFat be McGarrett's REAL father?

  3. I just hope that the writers are
    more intelligent than what everyone
    is giving them credit for because
    first of all Wofat is too old to be McGarrett's brother. If this is
    the case than someone else should
    have been cast to be the mother.
    She is barely pulling off being
    Steve's mother.

  4. I don't know, Wo Fat is not old enough to be Steve's father.

  5. If they are half brothers as I suspected it is a bit lame for a show so good.Please can it not be so. Something more original pleeeease....

  6. Unlikely to be McGarrett's relative in any case but...what about mother-figure. In the show Steve was born 1976 and Mary 1982 and Jack McGarrett 1942 (posthumous). Presumably Doris, Joe and Jack all met during Vietnam when Jack was Navy Intel, Joe was a UDT/SEAL and Doris was CIA, so, late 1960s? If we give Doris the same birth year as Jack (1942) and assume she and Jack married in 1973 after the fall of Saigon they would have been 31. Since the CIA recruits at college age (18+) Doris in theory had 13 years or all her 20s to be CIA assassin/agent (31-18=13). So what if during her 20s she was undercover in Japan and had a long-term relationship with a widowed man whose baby son (Wo Fat) grew up with her as the only mother he ever knew. Then she meets Jack McGarrett and goes away forever from little 5-6 year old Wo Fat. There is NOTHING more egocentric, selfish, and me-first than a young child. Nothing; a child has no natural empathy, no inclination to share or be kind, they have to be taught these character virtues. As a little boy, Wo Fat would deeply hate Jack for making Doris like him more than Wo Fat, and his feelings towards Steve and Mary, for superseding him in her affections...well - as he grew up, he would also develop an intense hatred of Doris for her betrayal of and in his eyes murder of his father, although as Yakuza the man's death was a deserved execution - but did Doris really do that? Or is she protecting someone else? How kids remember things aren't how they happened - in Season 1, Jack McGarrett was getting postcards from Osaka, Japan about the Yakuza before Doris was "killed" by the car bomb (in the chronology that was April 1992), in fact those postcards were why the Yakuza intended to murder Jack and why Doris took advantage of their intentions to fake her own death - presumably they were sent by Joe White, unless there is a character we haven't seen introduced yet - so did he actually kill Wo Fat's dad, and Doris claimed responsibility for some reason?

  7. I also had some suspicion during S3 finale when she broke out crying. I came to the conclusion that WO Fat is Steve's Real father! I hear a lot of people speaking of the possibility of being brothers but WO Fat is to old. He is around the same age or if not older than Dorris(Shelbourne)!

  8. I don't know what to say about Wo Fat's age, is he old enough to be Steve's father or not but something ties him to Dorris and Steve that's for sure. There is another possibility, I am thinking he could be Dorris McGarret's brother, half brother.

  9. Aloha,

    We also think that Wo Fat and Steve are brothers. I think Wo Fat is younger than Doris but older than Steve. She could have had an affair before she had Steve. Possible.
    We were not happy with tonights ending. At least give us a clonker. If they'd ended it with the revelation, at least we'd all be dying for next season. Now I'm just PO'd.

  10. When you talk about what kind of mother Dorris McGarrett be, well she is a bad mother just like any other father who left their child and wife.

    The reason why Dorris killed wofat father was probably because she didn't love him as much as steve's father and the combination that his father was a danger to wofat and her family.

    The reason why her two son's is hunting each other is because steve doesnt know that wofat is his half brother and wofat envies steve. Also something I notice is that wofat really never tries to kill steve or it was not shown.

    I think the reason why wofat did that was to take revenge and make dorris suffer the consequences for choosing her other family above his own.

    Number 4 makes quite sense in that for the past 20 years she was trying clean up the mess she made with wofat.

    For the fifth reason I think wofat thought steve somehow knew information on dorris so he wanted to know too

  11. At a big stretch Wo Fat could be a half-brother, although I seriously doubt it, I think it is more likely that Doris was the only mother he ever knew in his early childhood, as if necessary a spy can live a cover identity for several years at a time. He cannot be Steve's "real" father, because Steve has blue eyes (like William Sadler) and is obviously Caucasian whilst Wo Fat is brown-eyed Asian. The whole hereditary genealogy is too long-winded for here but basically brown eyes/skin is DNA dominant, so Steve would look Asian and have brown eyes.
    Unless, of course, the show intends to jump the shark entirely because, after all, the networks are there to make money not care about the fans. There is also the fact that love and genetics are not the same thing; Doris and Wo Fat could consider themselves mother and son based on that initial early relationship regardless of any biology - when Doris fired into the floor Wo Fat didn't take the opportunity to shoot her fatally and we know he is a callous unhesitating murderer - you can't turn feelings on and off like a light switch, and Doris probably has probably anguished for years over the way "little Wo" turned out after she had to leave him on the order of her CIA paymasters - its hardly a coincidence she left the CIA to marry Jack McGarrett rather than stay with it. If I had been Doris McGarrett in 1992 I would not have hesitated to fake my own death and leave my family if it were necessary to do so in order to protect them - true love is always doing what the people you care about need, even if that is sometimes the exact opposite of what they want. If Steve and Mary were parents, they would understand Doris's motivation and actions, painful though it might be. I had difficulty in the burglary aftermath scene when Steve yelled at Doris for bringing the microfilm "into our house" - as a SEAL, having no choice due to military regs to routinely lie to his family/friends about what he does for his country, Steve's attitude and reaction was not plausible or believable, which is where the scriptwriting failed - he would and should have understood perfectly why Doris does the things she does - it is really the character of Mary, the civilian who should be having those non-understanding reactions, and the show should really bring Taryn Manning back (with Morty Sapperstein, who is rich enough to decide to relocate to Hawaii for his "health") as a recurring character to deal with all the mother-child angst, Again, though, is Mary what she seems? She disabled an airplane smoke detector and in a cut scene from S2 pick pocketed a Navy SEAL's cargo pants whilst he was wearing them! A bit more thought into the plausibility of which characters would say and do what needs to be done with Season 4, I think.

  12. I am thinking about one thing: let's not forget that Wo Fat was chasing Sherburn and he did not know that Shelburn is Doris McGarret. When he finally found out he ran away without hurting Doris. What do you say about this?

  13. wo fat is not the son of dorris what happens is that eela killed his mother and gave her grief leave a child without a mother and her care but not his mother

  14. wo fat is not the son of dorris what happens is that eela killed his mother and gave her grief leave a child without a mother and her care but not his mother


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