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Goodbye Adam Noshimuri

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 · Posted in

Sorry to tell you but it looks like we have to say goodbye to Adam. I was so happy to see them (Kono and Adam) again.

Question: Haven’t seen any AA scoop for Hawaii Five-0 in a while, and would love to get some! –Clarlee Ausiello: Though Grace Park’s Kono is back in Hawaii (or Vancouver-as-Hawaii) and set to rejoin the team, Ian Anthony Dale’s days as Adam are likely numbered. “I love Adam and I love the actor, but he has a show [TNT's upcoming Murder in the First],” exec producer Peter M. Lenkov explains. “We’re trying to make arrangements for him to come back. We’re trying to get him back for an episode.” Source

Half or me is sad for losing Adam but the other half of me is happy because we'll have a chance to see him more soon. Even though I love Adam, I don't see what role he could have in H50. Now that the Yakuza members targeting him are or dead or arrested,he can"t do much other than being Kono's wealthy businessman boyfriend.

I'm really looking forward to see Ian Antony Dale in Murder in the First, the new TNT crime drama. 

This suspenseful and intriguing crime drama will intimately dissect a single murder case over an entire season, from the commitment of the crime through the investigation, arrest and trial. Source was kind enough to share some valuable information about the new show:

"Murder in the First" follows San Francisco homicide detectives Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) during the investigation of a drug-related murder that somehow connects to a high-powered CEO in Silicon Valley.

Set to air in the summer of 2014, "Murder in the First" will comprise only 10 episodes and will focus on a single crime -- think "The Killing," only with a solution to the crime and less rain. Bochco explained how the shorter season may be essential for making the full-season crime show work. 

"You're really struggling to make every episode in the service to the overall story," he says of his old standard of 20-26 episodes per season. With the shorter season, "It really eliminates the necessity of filler. ... It also gives us much more time to think about what we're doing, to craft our scripts."

Bochco would know -- his 1990s series, "Murder One," had a similar format spread out over a full network season.

One of the other notable features of "Murder in the First" is the depiction of Detective Mulligan as a female cop with a rather messy home life. "The female point-of-view of what the job really entails and the dichotomy between having to go to work and deal with the worst of the worst of the worst, and then have to go home and be vulnerable and accessible to a child isn't something I've seen done much on TV," Robertson says of her character in the show.

The other notable feature of "Murder in the First"? The cast: Diggs, Robertson, Tom Felton (you know him as Draco Malfoy), Raphael Sbarge, Ian Anthony Dale, Steven Weber and Richard Schiff.

Although we have a long time to wait for this one -- "Murder in the First" doesn't even begin filming until February -- the show may be worth it.

And now comes the big question: who's next in Kono's life? Charlie Fong? There will be a poll about this, so please vote and lets see what people thing about this :)

Ian Anthony Dale will play series regular Lt. Jim Koto in “Murder In The First”

Saturday, May 25, 2013 · Posted in ,

I have some really good news for those who like Ian Anthony Dale. He has a new role and we'll have the chance of seeing him more in the future. 

According to
Ian Anthony Dale (The Hangover, NBC’s The Event) has joined the cast of TNT’s drama pilot Murder In The First as a series regular. Co-created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal, the project is a murder mystery that centers on San Fransisco PD homicide detectives Terry Seagrave (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson), as they take on a case that seems more like a maze. Dale will play Lieutenant Jim Koto, a no-nonsense homicide police lieutenant with movie star good looks who is Hildy and Terry’s superior. The actor, repped by A Management, Kohner Agency and Derek Kroeger, is recurring on CBS’ a Hawaii Five-O as Adam Noshimuri, son to head of the Yakuza and boyfriend of Five-O officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).

Tweeted by Daniel Dae Kim

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 · Posted in , ,

Onscreen enemies, but offscreen . So proud of these boys and for giving them a chance to shine.

Chin Ho gets a makeover - or, as a crew member put it, "On you it's a DOn't RAG."

Lapidus!!! Welcome to , Jeff Fahey!

My favorite fan letter of the latest bunch (Yes, I do read them). She's "a huge fun!" :)

The Godfather of the Asian American Sci-Fi All Stars- The one, the only....

Hi folks, my last tweet was not a joke or a scam. Here's a pic of me doing my part. Hope you'll join me.

At the show with my boys. Big ups Santa Barbara!  

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