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'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers: Max Has a New Love Interest

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 · Posted in ,

Hawaii Five-0 is a huge hit on Monday nights. Now new spoilers for season three are coming out for the show and fans should get excited about a new love interest for Max. He deserves his happy ending and he may just finally be getting it.
The way this couple will meet is not really ideal for a new love story. Max is in a bank meets Leilani and is impressed by her. He asks her out on a date and of course she says yes to him.
What happens next on the show will be where the start of their love story goes downhill. Someone will come in and hold the bank up! Obviously they make it out though because this love story will be part of the show this season. Things are looking up for Dr. Max Bergman.
Are you glad to see Max find a love interest on Hawaii Five-0? It has not been released yet who will be the love interest. Do you have someone in mind for the part? Sound off in the comments.

Scenes from jam-packed Waikiki Beach world premiere of Hawaii Five-0's second season

I know this was over a year ago but it's new to me. I have no ides how could I miss these pictures. Maybe I'm not the only one in this position so I'm posting them.

Tweeted by Daniel Dae Kim

A First Class Friday on

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 Just another ho-hum day on set with a wild boar.

 About to start an ep featuring Mr. . It's our very own Bergman film.

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