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Five-O's sexy love interest

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MICHELLE Borth has one of the most enviable jobs in television right now.
Not only does she get to live in beautiful Waikiki, she gets to play the girlfriend of Aussie hunk Alex O'Loughlin on Hawaii Five-O.
"According to Twitter, I am the luckiest girl in the world," she said.
"I completely agree. Alex is amazing and wonderful and gorgeous. He's all of those things and I get to spend to my days working with him."
It's hard to believe The Combat Hospital actor was hesitant about relocating to Hawaii to take up a more regular position on the show.
"I liked my life in LA. My friends and family were there," she said. "I wasn't too keen on picking up and moving again. I had just done it from Toronto. But now that I'm here it's just gorgeous."
Borth has essentially been promoted to a regular cast member.
Her character Catherine, who was away at sea for long periods of time as a member of the Navy in the first two series, joins the Five-O team.
"I've been working for a really long time and I've never been on a successful show, so I was excited to become a bigger part of it," she said.
"It was a side gig for me. I got to go to Hawaii now and then and that's what I thought this would always be."
The move back to dry land brings Catherine's relationship with team leader Steve McGarrett into the spotlight for the first time.
"We've never seen McGarrett deal with his romantic relationship, so it brings whole new dynamic to the show," Borth said.
"They've been in a long distance relationship so it has always been a honeymoon when they get together. But when you're working with them in a high pressure environment things are going to get complicated.
"It's not going to be a storybook love for that long."
Catherine fits into theFive-O fold quiet well, says Borth.
"It's almost like you would never know they weren't all friends for a long time," she said.
"It's an organic thing. If anything, in my opinion, Danno is a fan of it. He teases McGarrett a lot about labelling what their relationship is,
"My character also develops a closer relationship with Danno because of his daughter."

My night with Michelle Borth (and 50 other Hawaii Five-0 fans) – Part 2

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Officer 808 was kind enough to share the second part of the interview. Many thanks to him for that.

Are we going to see a back story of how Steve and Cat got together this season? (@WendieJoy)
Good question! I don’t know…
Do you have back story that you created for that? (@WendieJoy)
I have lots of different stories for that, but what I’ve learned is that I try not to get stuck into one because the writers will write something outside of my idea…I’d say that I had a mother, but they’ll say, “Oh no, your mother died five years ago”. So you don’t get stuck into one back story that you created, and you have to be flexible for TV, because they’re constantly rewriting you. You kind of have to go where the writers guide you.  Sometimes you’re on the same page and often times, you’re not.

Michelle Borth in "Combat Hospital" (ABC)
Can you tell us a little bit about the difference between your characters in “Combat Hospital” and “Hawaii Five-0″, and the preparation for the two? (@WendieJoy)
It’s completely different, like apples and oranges. In “Combat Hospital”, I put a lot of hard work and my heart and soul into that because it was my first swing at bat with my own show. So that was weeks and weeks of preparation, sitting with the writers, and really being on the same page…making [Major Rebecca Gordon] vulnerable but not too girly, but still making her feminine.  Not really like Catherine who’s a little more tough, but making her have thin skin where she’s sensitive, but still be tough when she’s there in the operating room.
To be honest, my story [in Hawaii Five-0] is never going to be as important or developed as that.  This is more McGarrett’s story, more Danno’s story, it’s the four. So for me, I’m happy to come on board and join on it. Where I’m going to go and where they’re going to take me with the four I could not tell you right now. I only hope it turns into something much bigger.
Have they ever asked you for feedback or what you want to see in your character? (@WendieJoy)
Peter is fantastic like that. We sat down and talked about doing this. I was actually a little hesitant because I kind of considered Catherine similar to a long distance relationship.  The audience loves her because they never see her, and when they do it’s like a honeymoon.  I didn’t want to ruin that by having her around all the time.  But the way that we’re doing it and the way that we’re going about it is really smart so we’re not going to shove her down your throat.  She’s gonna be around but not gonna be around all the time…it’s not gonna be lovey-dovey between them all the time.  The integrity of the show will still be what it is, which is a cop procedural, but it will have a little bit more of character development, with me coming in.


How much freedom do you have with ad-libbing and expression? (@RobChiong)
I’ve been on certain sets where anything goes and you can kind of make it up as you go, and I’ve been on other sets where I’ve had to sign releases where I have to go word for word.  I’d say this is down the middle…they enjoy our creativity and input, but they also would like it by the book. So we’ll do a shot where it’s word for word, and then they’ll say to do a shot that feels more natural to you.  Alex is really good at that, doing one for the team, then doing one for himself.
Do you watch the final product when it’s done? (@RobChiong)
I actually do.  I know a lot of actors don’t watch their stuff cause it makes them puke, but I don’t feel that way!  I like to watch them, and I enjoy it, and I watch them on purpose to catch myself doing habits. I like to correct myself…I’m my own worst critic.
Did you audition or were you offered this part? (@LisaLisa98)
Good question!

My night with Michelle Borth (and 50 other Hawaii Five-0 fans)

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 officer808 posted this on

What was the most challenging role that you’ve had so far?
The most challenging role…if any of you have seen it before, was way back in 2007, a show called “Tell Me You Love Me”.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, you’re going to get a shock when you look it up.  It dealt with stuff of a… graphic nature.  As an actress and as a young one and a green one, it was difficult to overcome.  But I’m so grateful because it was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had on the set, and the most creative and liberating one.  My hardest role was one of my favorite ones, and that was playing Jaime on “Tell Me You Love Me”.

Do you deliberately mess love scenes up so that you can do it over again with Alex?

Michelle Borth, Alex O'Loughlin, Hawaii Five-0

The lack of TicTacs on the set made this scene  work.
[Laughs]  Unfortunately, no.  We’re so time crunched shooting in a day.  Alex and I [had to] make things not so serious, because we had just met each other, and we were half naked…it was awkward!  When you first meet someone, it’s like “Hi, I’m Michelle”, “Hi, I’m Alex”  …and then “Let’s make out”.  It’s really like that!  It’s no secret, we meet and then we had to make out.  He ate a tuna fish sandwich, and I smoked a cigarette, because I hate tuna and he hates the smell of smoke.  So it was an awesome combination when we then made out, ’cause it had made everything funny and very light and we could do it over and over again, and it wasn’t weird, or awkward, at all!   I’m sorry it’s always weird and awkward, but we have a lot of fun doing it.   We genuinely do have that connection that people see that Alex and I we really do work like that , we get  along really well, we have a kindred spirit.  I’m grateful for that, and I think it shows when we work together.
So that’s your favorite scene then?
Oh God, yes!  Coming up we have a lot more,  but I really haven’t done that much.   I think I’ve only done six episodes.  The scenes where  I work with Alex are my favorite because he’s a really funny Australian man, and it’s much more fun than the scenes where I’m by myself.  That racy one?  That was probably the most fun ’cause they let us ad-lib…the scene where the phone is vibrating?  That was all ad-lib.   It was a little more sexual than I thought it was going to be.  But it’s all fun cause we work on the fly.

Tell us about shooting that scene on the beach, with the sunset. (@WendieJoy)
Oh by the way, that scene on the beach started at 4 AM.  It was not sunset, it was sunrise, it was freezing.  Oh my God it was so early, we had to get it right when the sun’s touching the ocean, the steaks had to be on the grill, and everything had to be just right.  And every plane that was flying to Hawaii was flying into the island at that moment.  It was one of those things where it was “rush, rush, rush, hurry up, shoot!”  because you have a window of only ten minutes to get it all in.  It looks super romantic  and glamorous when you see it, but it wasn’t at the time…it wasn’t as romantic as you think.
Can you guys tell when we shoot a sunset and it’s not a sunset?  [The fans chimed in that they could]  Interesting…
That’s good to know.  I’m gonna tell them that!  It’s not worth the 4 AM call!

Michelle Borth, Hawaii Five-0 tweetup 

You play a lieutenant on screen.  How do you prep for that?  (@NeilYamamoto)
Thankfully the way that the show aligned for me, I was shooting another show called “Combat Hospital” where I played a major in the Canadian army, so I had a one on one crash course about being in the military.  And what we also do on Five-0 is have military experts.  We have a couple of ex-Navy SEALS on set.  We try, but we’ve been told there are certain things that are not so accurate, but we do make a valiant effort in trying.  So to answer your question, we just have a conversation with someone who actually was a navy SEAL, about certain protocols and procedures about how you would speak to someone higher, or lower…everything from how you would wear your uniform properly to how I would wear my hair, because it’s really specific.
I think both you and Alex pull it off very well. (@NeilYamamoto)
Thank you very much, we do want to pay homage and respect.  It means a lot to us when we get it right, and when we do get it wrong, tell us, because I want to be as respectful as possible and I do want to get it right.


So along those lines what skill set does LT Rollins bring to the show? (Officer 808)
Her badass-ness!
[I have to pause right here to let you know that my inner voice man-squeed when she said that.]
Well, she has the background of intelligence, so when it comes to digging up information, or getting some undercover scoop other than means that McGarrett can use, that’s where I come into play, ’cause I have all the fancy ways of getting information.  So I can help him out with my spy intelligence.
So, basically she’s good at google searches? (Officer 808)
I can google really well!  She does bring a certain spy intelligence that he doesn’t have access to.  I think also you’re going to see a physical side of her.  You’ve never really  seen her in combat or in action, there’s going to be another badass side of her that you’re going to see.  So you’ll see she’s tough in action.  You’re going to see a side of her you haven’t seen yet, that is kind of comparable to a female McGarrett, which is why you can kind of see why they’re together, that they’re similar.

I like her and I'm glad she's back. It's too bad Combat Hospital was not renewed. I would've loved to see her with Simon. Anyway, let's hope she's going to have  a great time with Alex, before the problems start. 

First Look: McGarett's Mom Joins Hawaii Five-0

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Posted by William Keck on TvGuide

"CBS' Hawaii Five-0 left us hanging last May with the shocking revelation that Steve McGarrett's presumed-dead mother, Doris, is very much alive. "She faked her own death to protect her family," explains Chicago Hope vet Christine Lahti, who debuts as Mama McG in the September 24 season premiere. "Now she's come back and Steve [Alex O'Loughlin] is shell-shocked. She hasn't seen Steve since he was 15 and wants his forgiveness."

Lahti will appear in at least four episodes, which will reveal where she's been all this time and if she's to be trusted. Steve's spitfire kid sis Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) will also return for a reunion, but I wouldn't start planning a Mother's Day picnic on the beach just yet. According to executive producer Peter Lenkov, "Wo Fat wants Doris dead, and a man like that is hard to keep behind bars.""

Michelle Borth Welcomed by Hawaii Five-0 fans

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"Last year Hawaii Five-0 fans had a chance to meet the new cast members at the show’s season premiere at Sunset On the Beach in Honolulu. Since CBS has not announced that there will be a similar event for Season 3, local fans took matters into their own hands and invited the newest addition to a “tweet-up.” Michelle Borth has previously guest-starred as fan favorite Catherine Rollins, Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) go-to Navy contact, and occasional lover. This new season sees her addition as a series regular. Fan groups H50hana and TeamH50, linked up with blogger Wendie Burbridge and put together an intimate event at Big City Diner. Besides the attendance of Ms. Borth, the high point of the evening may have been the depiction of the famous McGarrett-Catherine bed scene, custom made by Ninja/Hopper Cakes."


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