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TV Fanatic Exclusive Interview with Peter Lenkov about Season 4

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This is an interview worth to be read. I'll let you read it and post my comment after, at the bottom of the post.
TV Fanatic: What are some of the major themes for Season Four? Will the Wo Fat business get resolved fairly soon?
Peter Lenkov: Well, it’s never going to be resolved. Not this season, but we do have some answers and I think some of the obvious answers that the fans have been asking. We definitely address that. We address that big question that I know is on everybody’s mind, ‘are the two related?’ We’re definitely going to address that. I think with our show…at least we try. We may not always hit the bulls-eye, but I think we try just to surprise the audience a little bit. Things could change.
TVF: McGarrett’s journey this season, is there still more stuff with his mom (Christine Lahti)?
PL: I think McGarrett’s going to learn some new discoveries with his mom and I think clearly there’s not a lot of trust there in the relationship. I think we’re going to explore that a little bit. We’re going to get to meet Carol Burnett, who plays his aunt. In the mythology of the show, when the mother supposedly died, Mary was sent to go live with an aunt in LA so Carol Burnett’s going to be that aunt. She comes back at Thanksgiving and we get to meet her and it’s really a very, very heartwarming episode.
TVF: Have you already shot that?
PL: No, we haven’t shot it….she’s going to sing at the end of the show and she plays somebody who struggled for years to be a singer. She finally got a recording contract very late in life and then all of a sudden, boom, she gets this little girl on her door step so she had to put everything aside to be a mother so there’s this nice moment at the end where she gets to sing in front of an audience. It’s a very warm episode.
TVF: Is it a lighter episode because we’ve seen Carol Burnett comedy, but she can also do drama?
PL: No, no. It’s drama. It’s definitely drama. I mean, we naturally always have some comedy in the show, but her being there is mostly drama.
TVF: From the season finale, it looks like Chin Ho’s going to get busy with Lailani (Lindsay Price). Will we see some of that on the show?
PL: She’s not in the first batch of episodes, but the idea is that they’re in a relationship. It’s not like a heavy duty relationship but he’s open to the idea of spending time with a woman.
TVF: Is that making him a little lighter now that he’s got that in his life? He’s had some bad knocks there.
PL: Yeah, but I think there’s an interesting episode that’s coming up where it’s really…there’s a lot of time with him being grilled by Internal Affairs. We’re going to learn a lot more about his backstory. We thought we knew everything. We thought we knew why he lost his badge but there’s going to be a lot more that’s going to come out and a very big, surprising twist in this flashback episode where you find out about his relationship with Malia and you’re going to learn about his father, Chin Ho’s father and about being mentored by McGarrett’s father so there’s a lot of good stuff in that episode for him.
TVF: Is this all stuff that you guys have kind of known the whole time and you’ve just been parceling out or are you coming up with it as you write the story?
PL: Some stuff has come up on the road but mostly the arcs for the characters, I thought a lot about that when I first started to write the pilot, just in terms of where I wanted to go, but some stuff is new. As these things come to life…
TVF: Is Danny going to have a happily ever after at home since it seems like his family is together at the end of last season?
PL: I think the thing about Danny is Danny’s more interesting when he’s not happy. When he’s got some conflict so I would say that. I think it’s not going to be that smooth for him.
TVF: How long before Kono gets back to the family because it looks like she’s going to be off on her own story for awhile.
PL: She’s got a real, solid story with Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and being on the run and by the time she comes back and is a full member of Five-0, it’s probably mid-way through the season. We really want to do this arc and make it feel real. It’s not that simple actually, what they go through, but it’s fun. It’s really fun and I think for an actor to be able to do that kind of stuff, to be able to do not just the case of the week, but to be able to have this runner of half a season arc, I think she’s really excited. Also, we are as writers, but she’s very excited.
TVF: Okay. Lastly, having Chi [McBride] now in the group and kind of working against them and with them somewhat, is that shaking up the Five-0 family?
PL: First of all, it’s the best thing to happen to us in a long time having him in the show. He’s amazing and the chemistry between him and Alex and the rest of the team is great. I think a lot of it is earning each other’s trust. That’s going to take a while.
It just adds another dynamic and it’s some of the fun we had in season one with Danny…now, [Danny’s] drunk the Kool Aid a little bit so now he sort of understands when we do stuff. I think for him, for Chi, it’s not what he’s used to and I think that’s where the drama comes.

1. The Wo Fat business never going to be resolved. I guess it will always come up something new.
2."PL: She’s not in the first batch of episodes, but the idea is that they’re in a relationship."  It's good to read these interviews, at least we can find out what we should think or know. My last memory of Chin and Lailani is that Chin has asked her out. And that's all. I don't know about you but I would have preferred to hear that from Chin. One simple sentence would have done it for me.
3. It's great that Chin is going to have more screen time this season. I hope the writers won't dig up more dirt about him. 
4. So Danny's happiness is not forever. I am really proud of myself for getting to love the character. I hope the writers won't ruin it again. 
5. I have no idea how this runaway story of Kono and Adam's  is going to end but truly hope Adam is not going to die. Kono has suffered enough. She does not need more tragedy in her life. She deserves to be happy even though it's hard to live with the son of a Yakuza member.

Peter Lenkov talks Season 3

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By Rick Porter - zap2it.
"Hawaii Five-0" ended last season on a cliffhanger -- a couple of them, in fact -- and fans tuning into Monday's (Sept. 24) Season 3 premiere won't have to wait long at all to see how they play out.

"It's got to" pick up where it left off, executive producer and showrunner Peter Lenkov tells Zap2it. "I always saw that episode as a two-parter, because of all those threads and everything that needs to be answered."

Lenkov also talked with us about the casting of Christine Lahti as McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) mother, Doris, the resolution to last season's other cliffhanger involving Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) and some of what we can expect in Season 3 of "Five-0."

Zap2it: Why did you want Christine Lahti for the role of McGarrett's mom?
Peter Lenkov: An actress at some point is going to have to convey all this emotion, this regret, feel like she made this sacrifice to abandon her family to protect them. It needs an amazing actress to pull that off. It's just words on paper unless it's somebody who can really convey all those emotional levels. She's just such a great actress. For me, to land somebody like that, even get her interested, is a big coup. That was the goal, just to get somebody who's going to play a lot of layers. There is comedy in the show, so she can do that. But it's really about playing the drama scenes -- playing the emotion, the regret. Just playing a mother who's got a lot to answer for. And also, play somebody strong enough that it's believable when she pulls a gun and that she had this past, that she could have been somebody who was in the spy game years ago. I think Christine Lahti has all that.

How early last season did you hit on the idea of Steve's mom as Shelburne?That was always the case. We knew that always, writing it. But the hardest thing was trying to hide the ball for so long, because you do it over 22 episodes, 23 episodes, and after a while the audience is going to start to figure out. There was a time when the audience started making those guesses, thinking it was either dad or mom. I was like, "Oh my God, really? We're only on episode 17." We knew it, but it was about how could we cleverly try to hide it. That's where Terry O'Quinn sort of took the bullet, saying he was Shelburne.

Can you talk about where Doris has been and ...What she's been doing for 20 years? A lot of that is something we're going to explain over the course of the season. But what she tells McGarrett is she's been hiding, she's been on the run. She's been moving from safe house to safe house, that Wo Fat's been looking for her. But we're going to discover there's a lot more to what she was doing the last 20 years.

What is Chin Ho's emotional state after his Sophie's choice at the end of last season?I think he's going to be out for blood. We were joking around, calling him "Man on Fire." You try to drown his cousin, you shoot his wife, he's going to be upset.

How are you expanding Michelle Borth's role now that she's a regular?It's funny -- I think most people thought she was going to be a member of Five-0. She's a regular on the show, but she's not a team member. ... She answers the phone in episode 5 [and says] "Lt. Rollins, assistant to Steve McGarrett, how can I help you?," because he seems to be tapping her for favors a lot. In the first few episodes, she really goes above and beyond [in] helping them. In the first episode, she's brought to a safe house to protect Doris while McGarrett and the rest of the team sort of deal with the A-story. Then in the second episode she's involved in a big way. She gets to exercise her action chops. You'll see a lot of sides to Catherine you haven't seen before.

But she's somebody who is very self-aware -- I don't know if you ever watched "Magnum" when you were a kid, but Magnum would always ask favors of people. He always owed people. The best way to liken this is to that -- she's much more than a girlfriend. She's somebody [McGarrett] can lean on, somebody she can go to if he needs help. She's a confidant -- she's become sort of like a girl Friday who can kick some ass.

How do you balance the ongoing plot threads with your weekly crime stories?As writers it's fun to do a procedural where you get to go home with the characters. Most of these types of shows are very light on character and very heavy on plot. I think for our audience, they really want to get to know our characters. They really want to spend more time with the characters and probably less on the plot. We just figure out a way to balance it out. The best thing is, we know at the beginning of the year where we're going to go. So we know how to parcel out these little character stories. They somehow all get neatly put into this script that fits into 42 minutes. Usually we're long and we put those extra scenes on the DVD, but we're very character-heavy, especially this year. There's so much to do because of McGarrett's mother now, because of Michelle coming in. So there's not only more characters to service, but also more relationships to service.

Do you earn the right to go home with the characters more after a couple of successful seasons?Our engine is still a crime procedural show. We try really hard to tell a compelling case every week. But the network has a lot of faith in us that we'll be able to do those stories as well as service our characters. And I think for actors, to keep them interested especially going into the later years -- even though we're still in our infancy -- they want their characters to evolve. So we're trying to keep them motivated, keep them engaged, by giving them really interesting stuff to do.

What are some of the stories you've got lined up for Season 3?
Ed Asner
's coming back -- we're going to wrap up his story. He got away with murder last year, amongst other things, so we're going to wrap up that story. There's a really fun episode where McGarrett and Danny [Scott Caan] are just out fishing -- they end up getting boat-jacked and in a dinghy for two acts. It's like taking a car-gument to another level, putting that on the ocean.

I'd be curious just to see how Steve gets Danny to go fishing.That's part of the story. They get involved in a crime out there on the water. That's a fun story. We're exploring -- Kono [Grace Park] had relationship with Adam [Ian Anthony Dale] last year. So now that Adam's in our world, how is Adam going to play and affect Five-0. Some of the stuff we're excited about is plot, but some of it is character. ... Kamekona [Taylor Wily] is expanding his brand. He's going into the tourism business, learning to fly a helicopter so he can do charter tours of the island. So you can imagine that's funny. We're going to see Max [Masi Oka] in a relationship with a woman he's had a crush on for a long time.

Peter Lenkov About Five-0′s Catherine Rollins

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"The cast and crew of “Hawaii Five-0″ received a Hawaiian blessing for the start of filming of the show’s third season Monday while offering some hints of what lies ahead for characters on the CBS crime drama.
Executive producer Peter Lenkov said the new season promises a “lot of bro­mance,” referring to the hallmark banter between Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny Williams (Scott Caan), but added there will be “complications.”
“We’ve brought in (Steve McGarrett’s) mom, we’ve brought in Michelle (Borth). That’s going to complicate things,” he said.
Lenkov said he wanted to correct an impression about Borth, who has appeared primarily as McGarrett’s romantic interest, Navy Lt. Catherine Rollins. Her character’s military connections have come in handy for the crime-fighting team.
“Michelle’s not a member of Five-0. I think everybody assumes that, because she’s coming on as a regular. But she will definitely be in our life,” he said. “I wanted to clear that up because I think for some reason everyone ran with her being a member.”
Beyond that, Lenkov said, “I think we have some very big episodes and character development.”
Monday’s blessing took place in Manoa Valley District Park, a few blocks from where filming was to occur. With a brisk wind blowing and a light sprinkling from above, Kahu Blaine Kama­lani Kia, the show’s cultural adviser, told the crowd of about 100 people to “be mindful of everything that was before you.”
“Man was the last thing created on Earth, so be humbled by all the wonderful nature and all the beautiful elements that Hawaii has to offer,” said Kia, who during the season reads scripts for cultural accuracy and helps the actors pronounce Hawaiian words correctly.
“With all the characters and all that you have to deal with each other, that’s a lot of kau­maha (heaviness).  These are the burdens you carry on your shoulders. There are good ones and bad ones. We don’t want the bad ones, we just want the good ones.”
Using ti leaves, Kia sprinkled water mixed with soil and sea salt over the major players in the production, who included Lenkov, O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Borth and actors with recurring roles, including Taylor Wily, Teilor Grubbs, Dennis Chun and Al Harrington. Series regulars Scott Caan, Grace Park and Masi Oka were not scheduled to be on set Monday.
The show ended its second season in a cliffhanger, with Park’s character, Kono Kalakaua, tied up and thrown into the ocean, Williams in a custody battle, Chin Ho Kelly finding his wife near death and McGarrett uncovering another layer to the “Shelburne” mystery, the subplot that has driven the show for its first two seasons.
That mystery turns out to concern McGarrett’s mother, Doris McGarrett, who was thought to be dead until her son discovered her in the closing moments of the show’s second season. Christine Lahti will portray McGarrett’s mom and is expected to appear in six episodes in the first half of the new season.
The 62-year-old Lahti was nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar in 1985 for her role in “Swing Shift.” In 1998 she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as Dr. Kathryn Austin in “Chicago Hope.” She also picked up an Academy Award for short film in 1996 for directing “Lieberman in Love.”
Lahti has also had recurring TV roles on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and “Jack & Bobby.”
“She’s complex,” Lahti said of her new “Five-0″ character, shortly after the blessing ceremony. “It’s going to be challenging but I’m very excited about it. I did ‘Law & Order’ and ‘Chicago Hope,’ which isn’t exactly cops and crimes, but it’s high-stakes.”
Lahti called the blessing ceremony “wonderful,” adding, “I’ve done a lot of shows and never experienced anything like this.”
Kim just returned from a project in South Korea and said it was nice to see everyone again.
“I just flew in yesterday and I’m pretty jet-lagged, but I thought it was important to be here,” he said. “Every time we start a new season, it’s good to get off on the right foot, and a blessing is never a bad thing.”
Kim said last season’s finale both answered questions and created a lot of tension for fans.
“We left the show in a good place, a dramatic place for our viewers,” he said. “I’m looking forward to following up and seeing what happens this year.”
A date for the “Hawaii Five-0″ season premiere in September has not been announced, and show officials have not said whether there will be another “Sunset on the Beach” red-carpet premiere in Waikiki as there was first two seasons."

Tweeted by Daniel Dae Kim

A First Class Friday on

 Dem dudes.

 Just another ho-hum day on set with a wild boar.

 About to start an ep featuring Mr. . It's our very own Bergman film.

  Men (and Women) at Work.

 Some days you just can't call this work. ; )

 The Asian American Sci-Fi All Star team, edition ; )

Interview: Mike Buck hosted Hawaii Five-0′s executive producer Peter Lenkov

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Mike Buck hosted Hawaii Five-0′s executive producer Peter Lenkov at AM 690 KHNR.

Officer 808 from got the chance to ask Lenkov a few questions ans posted the whole interview on his website. 

Click the link and listen to Peter Lenkov, find out what the future holds for us.

Officer 808, thank you for posting the interview.


Polls - Characters again

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Here we are again, speaking about the polls. Lori made some serious progress, she has 16% now. Thanks to @LaurenGermanon twitter.

The other poll looks good as well, even though there is a problem.

Yesterday I asked Mr. Lenkov on twitter to check out the blog and vote for the characters and guess what happened? He did check it out and his answer was: “What? No Kamekona?” :)

He's right, it seems like I left poor Kamekona out.

Dear Kamekona, it wasn't intentional, I really like you. It is a big mistake though. I can't edit the poll, so it will go on without Kamekona.

Anyway, it was a great pleasure to have Mr. Lenkov here.

Please keep voting and invite others too. You can follow the blog here on Blogspot, and you can follow me on twitter .

I will reviewing the episodes. Feel free to comment, share your opinion with us.

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