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Taryn Manning Is Comming Back to Hawaii Five-0

Friday, July 27, 2012 · Posted in ,

"Steve McGarrett's happy family reunion is expanding. With his presumed dead mother Doris returning in Hawaii Five-0's season premiere (with Chicago Hope vet Christine Lahti in the role), sister Mary Ann won't be far behind.
In an episode slated to air later this fall, actress Taryn Manning will return to the islands as Steve's kid sis to see for her own eyes that mama McG is in fact among the living. I'm hearing that both Steve and Mary Ann will have lots of questions for their mother, who faked her own death 20 years earlier.  
Manning was originally announced as a series regular when the series premiered in 2010, but for story reasons the character was sent back to the mainland. She did, however, reprise the role in one Season 2 episode.
Might there be more McGarrett children out there? That remains to be seen. Lahti tells me she's not quite sure what Doris was up to during her missing years. And online speculators continue to guess that Steve's nemesis Wo-Fat may turn out to be Steve's half-brother. Wouldn't that be a twist?"


Poor Steve, he'll have to deal with a long lost mother, a trouble bringing sister, a girlfriend and of course Wo Fat. We're going to have a season full of action.

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