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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 5 Episode 1 - Episode Review

Saturday, September 27, 2014 · Posted in

I was really looking forward to see this episode and must say I'm a bit disappointed. It was too Sci-Fi for me. I'm not saying this is not possible in real life, just  that I wasn't expecting something like this in this show.   

It was nice to see the whole crew, including Adam and Kamekona. The new ME is nice, I hope she is going to bring something new and ad some more value to the show.

Looks like we are going to see more of Jerry and he might be in danger. I like the character a lot. Now that bad people are looking for  the conspiracy theorist Jerry, he's going to get more screen time.  

McGarret is indestructible as always. He can chase a suspect with his shot leg, no problem for him, he's an ex navy seal after all, isn't is? :) 

The good news is we are going to have some serious action  in the next couple of episodes. Let's see what we were given  so far:
  • Chin having problem with IA because of Gabriel
  • Kono have to make a tough decision
  • Danny having problems because of his brother Matt
  • Bad people are looking for Jerry 

I hope the next episode is going to be more "down to earth".  The promo looks promising.

And finally look at these pictures. I love them together, they looks great. 

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 Episode 5 - Episode Review

Saturday, October 26, 2013 · Posted in

Is Billy a threat to the McRollins relationship? Not any more, because he!s dead! Who could have guessed that things are going to take a turn and Cat and Billy's relationship ends like this. No one I guess. Most of the people thought the writers are planning to make Billy a relationship breaker:

Cat and Billy went after the shooter and that's when they were both shot. Now comes the question: was that legal? They were both representing a PI company, none of them was a police officer or part of any law enforcement  team. In my opinion they should have called the police and let them take care of the shooter based on the evidence they had. Am I wrong?

I tend to believe that Adam gave himself up in order to save Kono's life, I mean to allow Kono to get out of Hong Kong. Judging from what he told Chin, she's not going to leave without Adam. She's stubborn, she loves him but she's alone in a foreign country full of enemy. 

I've mentioned Joe in my last episode review and he just showed up :) I guess  I have to be careful what  I wish for because I might get it :) OK, so Joe is here and he's hiding the truth from Steve, again. He's really good at it, we already know that.

Dorris is gone. No one knows where she is, what is she up to and more important, what is she hiding. I really feel sorry for Steve. He's a tough guy but even so, he's living a nightmare. This mystery never ends.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 Episode 4 - Episode Review

Saturday, October 19, 2013 · Posted in

Not the best episode of the season but it was ok, likable, I guess. The plot was ok, although a bit unbelievable. I mean in real life after a surprise like that a man can!t just change his mind but it's ok, like I've said many times, let's enjoy the movie :).

I'm worried about Kono and Adam. This story is getting bigger day by day. First it was just Hiro Noshimuri, then Michael, now it's about both of them,  the Yakuza and who knows. This is getting complicated. Kono is a good cop and Adam has some skills to but I'm not really sure if they are capable of getting rid of the entire crime organization, not to mention that they are in  Hong Kong. Anyway, it has to turn out ok, after all the writers can't lose Kono but what about Adam? Let's hope for the best. 

No word about Wo Fat and Dorris this time. I guess Wo Fat is locked up somewhere safe in the mainland but where is Dorris? If I'm not mistaken she left with Kono and Adam but she's not with them any more. I'm sure she's up to something, she always is. 

What happened with Gaby and Danny? I did not understand that last scene. Is Gabby saying no to that job? I think she is but she's not really happy about it. I hope they can finally reach an agreement. Poor Monkey, she has suffered enough she deserves stability, a home and a loving family. By the way, we haven't heard from  her mom and Stan for a long time. 

And where is Joe? I miss him. We haven't heard from him either. 

And finally Cat and Steve. I guess I was kind of right :) Steve is already suspicious, which is good. He must keep his eyes open because Billy is definitely waiting for the right moment. According to my poll people think he's a threat to them. I know that 13 votes does not reflect the opinion of the fans entirely but 11 out of 13 voted for yes so far. That means something. 

So keep voting, let's see who's right about this :)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 Episode 3 - Episode Review

Monday, October 14, 2013 · Posted in

This will be a short review.

I loved this episode. Well written, well played! Good job!

The first scene was absolutely brilliant, except the shooting which was shocking. At first I thought the guy is going to find a body in the swimming pool but the shooting came unexpectedly. That was brutal.

The Danny character is really growing on me. He's not annoying any more. I love the way he's treating the children. This is a huge change, a good one. 

I also loved Jerry and his role in solving the case. There have been episodes like this in season one, about the Hawaiian culture with Kavika but we haven't seen him lately. It would be nice to see him again this season. 

I'll try to make a list with the funniest moments of this episode:
  • that little "chat" between Max and Steve over the $1300. LOL That was really cool :D
  • Danny telling Jerry: "He's boyfriend is a complete animal ... " Nice job Danny!
  • "Book em Danno"  this is music to my ears, it was about time to use that line again in H50.
And finally, I love it when the good people are together like at the ceremony. This is a key element of the show. Not to mention how good they look in suits.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 Episode 2 - Episode Review

Saturday, October 5, 2013 · Posted in

I really don't know what to say about this episode. I don't want to be rude but it was a bit boring for me. After the premiere this was a disappointment for me but it's ok, I know there are great episodes to come.

So let's see what is worth to be mentioned.

Adan is a really lucky man :) Kono just killed 3 men and saved both their lives. I loved the scene even though it was a bit too much, meaning in real life the 3 guys would go in in the same time so the people who are in would not have time to react but that's ok. It was a great scene. And after that, she  fixed the car :) I love Kono!

Loved the baseball scenes. I love all the scenes where I can see them all together, including Kamekona and Max as well. Being European I know nothing about baseball :) (I know, shame on me, I should not use this as an excuse :) ), so I just enjoyed these scenes.

This is from the season finale review I've written here:
"I guess there is a reason why the writers brought back Catherine's ex boyfriend. This was the season finale, so it was no room for him now but I think he's going to have some role in Catherine's life next season. Problems is paradise? We'll see."
And I was right!!! He's back now, offering Catherine a job and he's trouble, I know that already. But let's wait and see.  

So, one mystery is  solved. Wo Fat is not Steve's brother. But who is he?

I guess this is it, I don't know what else I can say about this episode :(

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 Episode 1 - Episode Review

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 · Posted in

I'm a bit late with this review, sorry for that :)

Hawaii Five-0 is back!!! Finally!

So let's see what happened on Friday.  I'm going to write down the important moments because I know it will come a time when instead of getting some answers we are going to get more questions (as usual) and I'm going to look these notes up to refresh my memory.

A few bad guy break into a high level security prison, (I've seen at least 8 armed guards on the corridor while Steve was passing through to enter Wo Fat's location), almost demolish the walls during the fight, looked like after the war,  cut the door which was not made out of wood obviously, and wanted to kill Wo Fat. He knew they were coming, otherwise he could not set up Steve, and the only way he could knew about this is Doris McGarrett told him. This is just a guess but it makes sense to me. Maybe that's the reason she visited Wo Fat earlier that day.

Steve, who is unarmed, manages to kill all the bad guys and saves Wo Fat's life :) Well, this is the moment when I should say: "This is a TV Show, not reality". And it is indeed a TV Show and our super hero manages to do it all by himself :) OK, so let's move on.

One is still alive and Steve takes him in for questioning. During this time the other part of the team enters H50 headquarter and takes the hostages. This means they were prepared for a situation like this but how could they know one of theirs is still alive? How could they find out?

Catherin is kidnapped in the mean time, which means they knew everything about H50.

Adam tells Chin their location and somehow, I don't understand why,  this information ends up in the system.  Later on the terrorists, the hostage takers get the data and this information is not secure any more. As we've seen, it is sold to the Yakuza. Now comes the question: why was this information registered? Not Kono nor Adam is under witness protection or did I miss something?

Now that the summer is over, it was really nice to see the hot Hawaiian beach life. I wish I could be there :)

Captain Grover entering the H50 headquarter in his undies ... :) really "funny". And you know what's even funnier? The terrorist answering the door and sending him away knowing that the whole area is surrounded, so he must have know that the half naked guy is one of them.  How stupid one must be to open the door in a situation like this?

It was good to see Kamekona again. The whole scene was really funny. Too bad we did not have the chance to see him when H50 finally got out of the building.

Another strange moment: Steve performing CPR  on the wounded terrorist and Danny telling him about Gaby. Come on writers! You can do better than that :)

I wont talk about Steve shouting the terrorist who just entered the storage room. Putting the gun into the wounded terrorist  wound and shooting through it ... unbelievable!

Wo Fat is taken to a maximum security prison in Colorado. 

The hostage takers kill the wounded guy, I don't understand why, give themselves up because they knew there is no way out, use Catherin as leverage. They are all killed at the end but this is not over yet.

Funny quotes:

Danny: "I'm very touched. This guy is leaking, he's not going to make it."

Steve: "Did you check the emergency exits?"
Danny: "No, I went to get doughnuts"

Wo Fat is taken to a maximum security prison in Colorado. 

And finally comes the big question: IS WO FAT STEVE'S BROTHER? 

What do you think? Feel free to comment.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season Finale - Episode Review

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 · Posted in

WOW, what a finale! I loved it. Excellent episode!

The plot was good, it was fast and really exciting. 

As I see, when it comes to kids, Danny is taking it personally each time. He's a really good father and a great cop. This character grew a lot this season. Danny Williams was really irritating in the past and now he's a really great. I might have changed but so did the character and I'm really grateful for that.

I guess there is a reason why the writers brought back Catherine's ex boyfriend. This was the season finale, so it was no room for him now but I think he's going to have some role in Catherine's life next season. Problems is paradise? We'll see.

Charlie Fong is a great friend. He knew he's playing with the fire and he can get burned and even though he helped Kono. Great job Charlie. he's going to make it, I'm sure of that. 

It was a nice gesture from Dorris to go with Adam and Kono. She can do something useful because all she did till now was to make Steve's life a hell. But since I don't trust her at all, I see some alternative motive here. Kono going with Adam was a total surprise for me. I know she loves him and now I see the writers want him to come clean although the Yakuza is never joking, killing Michael will not go away without consequences. My guess is the Yakuza is going after him so there is a chance to see some action outside Hawaii.

It must have been hard for Adam to shoot his own brother even though he did that to  protect Kono and himself. I love Adam.

Dorris  McGarret is the worst liar I have ever seen and taking in consideration that she's an ex CIA operative this makes her a really bad agent. She did a terrible job last time when she planned to take those micro films back. If it wasn't for Steve she'd been dead by now I. I have no idea who is she protecting, or better yet what is she protecting but either way it's something big. 

The other important question that comes up all the time is: Who is Wo Fat to her or to the McGarret's. I had a post about this question a while ago HERE. And also posted a poll at the bottom of the page with a couple of possible answers. I am really curious about what you think about this. At this point I don't know what to think. I was thinking that Wo Fat could be Dorris McGarret's ex, maybe she had an affair with Wo Fat, this is highly possible. maybe Wo Fat saved her life in the past or maybe she saved his life, I don't know.  I don't think he could be Steve's father.

I cant finish my post without making some speculation and asking some questions about what is going to happen in season 4:
- Who is after Wo Fat? 
- Who can be so powerful to break in a high security prison like that?  
- What is Wo Fat's secret? 
-  Dorris McGarret's leave  has something to do with the prison break in. She is working with Wo Fat or for Wo Fat.
- The Yakuza is going after Adam
- Fong is going to make it 
- Chin will date Leilane
- Hope the writers will be smart enough not to bring in a new member and also hope that Kono is coming back soon

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3, Episode 16 "Kekoa" - Episode Review

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 · Posted in

:) Yeah, I know, I know I'm behind schedule with the reviews but I'm here now and doing the best I can to catch up. 

So my reviews are going to be shorter then usual, I'm planning to comment mostly on the H50 team's action and less on the plots.

This was a great episode, not the most exciting one though. I guess Steve was right to hire a PI to find out what is his mother after but I'm not so sure if he picked the best guy for the job. I know he's been working as a Navy Intel Officer but his tactics are a bit odd :) I also know the best way of finding out as much as he can about Steve's mother is by being close to her but this guy looks like a womanizer :) Anyway, let's wait and see. 

Now, the scene at the supermarket, was that a coincident or was he planning that? He must be much better than to break cover like that. 

About the plot: I did not like it at all. It was week and those fights were horrible. 

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 13 "OLELO HO'OPA'l" Episode Review

Monday, January 21, 2013 · Posted in

Another enjoyable episode!  

No doubt that Sang Min was the key figure of this episode. The moment I saw him I know he's going to help Chin one way or another. And he did but at the end I'm not sure about his contribution, I can't decide if he did more good or more bad to Chin. 

Did he do that to help Chin or to help himself? 
Now that he's out, what is going to happen to him? 
Will Five - 0 go after him or they are going to let HPD handle this? 
I guess H50 is going to hunt him down because he's a key whiteness and he's a fugitive. 
What s going to happen to him if he's caught? Will H50 help him? 
I have so many questions and no answers :)

Ok. So, the plot was great although we've seen plots like this before. it doesn't matter, I enjoyed it and that's all it counts. 


I was so glad to see Catherine is uniform on the ship. At least we know she's still active and working, and finally she's not only Steve's  girlfriend.

The episode had a few holes. I don't know how you can handcuff a cop in his own bed  even if he's asleep.  I know this is not real life but even so, Chin is still a cop, I don't think he's so a heavy sleeper. 

This is not the first time when a ember of H50 send a message saying he's off for a few days and he gets into trouble. Steve should have been more careful with this, he should have checked at least if Chin is really off or not.

Leilani (Lindsay Price) is going to be Chin's love interest :) She's perfect for him, I'm glad she's the one. I guess it's the perfect moment for Chin to take one step ahead and get on with his life. I know he loved Malia very much but he's till young and deserves happiness.

I'm afraid Kono is about to find out ugly things about Adam. He's hiding something, obviously and this is going to be though for both of them. Adam's brother, Michail is not a good person and he puts Adam in a difficult position.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 11 KAHU - Episode Review

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 · Posted in

Another great enjoyable episode!

So, let's see what we got this week. 

Was that Kamekona in the canoe at the beginning of the episode? I loved that scene, and the music was perfect.  

Catherine was babysitting again. I already got used to it. She's always sitting for Steve, if it's not his mom, it's somebody else. And yes, she's doing him favors, which she did not do this time, surprisingly. This is already dated, I got bored already. The writers should come up with something else. I know sometimes these things are needed but I guess it's too much already. 

Having breakfast out of a box in a parking lot ... yes, really romantic. I hope by some place special he meant that dinner he was taking Catherine at the end of the episode and not this breakfast in his truck.And by the way, this is dated too.

I would have loved to see how Steve took care of the carjacker. There was a fight, at least the guy got beaten up, as we all could see him at the Honolulu Police Station, his nose has been broken. I knew we wouldn't have to worry about our great Navy Seal :).

I loved how Steve took care of the case when he saw the kid. He's sensitive and great with kids, although last week he was a bit too zealous about showing the girls how to  throw a knife :) He's human :)

I was really surprised to see Danny and Kamekona going to the buy. I have no idea how Kamekona convinced him to meed the seller. Danny is not the kind of guy who does such thing :) Is he changing? I truly hope so! Anyway, he did a great job there! It's nice to see him helping others.

Finally this week we could see Chin on the field. He was great with Danny. He's too great to be have just five minutes of screen time. His uncle was sooo funny :)

The last scene was really sweet but wasn't a surprise as we had the chance to see it in the sneak peek video. 

I have to mention H50 is not just the task force. I love that they are a family, including Kamekona and Max too. Ohana is important in Hawaii and it should be important all over the World!

Later Edit: I forgot to mention that I knew the kid would run while Catherine was out for soda. And another thing: she beat the hell out of the guy and she didn't have a scratch,  her hair and make-up was perfect. Well, yes, this is the part where we have to say this is a TV show not reality :)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 10 "Huaka' i Kula" - Episode Review

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 · Posted in

I really enjoyed this episode. I like it when Five-0 gets out of the city and show us some skills, other than chasing bad guys on the streets. This is different and we get the chance to see them in action from a different angle. We used to see scenes like this during the chase of Wo Fat but now that he's out of the picture for the moment, we need scenes like this. At least I do. 

Well, Detective Danny Williams, the Jersey boy hates camping. :) Why I am not surprised? :) Anyway, I liked him (yes, Zia and AmazingAlex, if you read this, please not it!!!!!). I'm so glad I'm not against his character any more. I guess his character has changed indeed.

We finally had the chance to see Adam again, which I'm grateful for. We haven't seem him in a long time and we have no idea what happened to him for pointing the gun to a police officer. Maybe one day the writers will be kind enough and will let us know :) And we also had the chance to meet Adam's little brother  Michael Noshimuri (Daniel Henney). I've seen Daniel Henney in Three Rivers with Alex O'Loughlin they both were doctors. I liked  Daniel Henney, he's a great actor and I was happy to see him, although he's bringing trouble which I don't like. I guess Kono and Adam both have enough on their plates right now, they don't need any trouble, but as a plot, yes, I welcome it. I hope Kono is smart enough. 

I also liked Lesley Boone as Madeline. She's also a great actor, perfect for this job. Danny needed someone to teach him a lesson in the jungle. 

Lucy (Emily Alyn Lind)  had an excellent performance. I don't think I've seen her before but she's really talented. 

Tom Arnold is not my favorite actor, I don't like him. It was ok in this episode, he did a great job and I'm glad he was killed.

I guess I have to mention our hero too :) He did a terrible job at first by telling the group about the beasts the danger on the island. Uncle Steve :) that's not the way you teach the children but it was funny. I always like him when he's in action and thank God, he had the chance to show us what he knows about surviving. He did a really great job protecting Lucy. 

And finally, the best scene of this episode: Danny and Monkey camping in the living room :):))))). That was huge. At first I thought they were somewhere in the woods, I thought Danny finally made an effort to compensate the bad camping experience, then the doorbell rang. I loved the scene. 

Thanks for reading my review and please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about this episode and about the show in general.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 9 “Ha’awe Make Loa” Episode Review

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 · Posted in

I'm a bit late with the review, sorry guys.

Well, another great episode, although this wasn't the best of the season. The main plot was a bit weak, the other plot (Danny's) was even weaker but for me was compensated by the good scenes we had in this episode. 

First of all i did not like Max at the bank. He's definitely in love and Sabrina (Rumer Willis) is not the right girl for him. She's nice and pretty but I don't think they have any chemistry at all. Max did a great job with the wounded people though.

Detective Danny Williams made a fool out of himself again :) He took the job at the shooting and sent Steve away because he knew he doesn't have a chance if Steve is there :) Flirting with the models ... Oh God! :))))

I had a little problem with Steve and Kono chasing the naked drugged out guy. The guy was on drugs, he was naked and they had to chase him, they were running after him for minutes. Really? That's not the navy seal we are used to. And then he left Kono to handcuff him. It was funny though. 

Danny shot the stalker was the worst scene ever.

I know I'm repeating myself but I loved Kono and Steve together. It's a good Idea to mix them from time to time. I'm a bit full of the carguments so it's nice to see them apart as well.

It was nice to forget about Wo Fat and Doris but I guess it's time to hear from them, and not only from them but from Adam, Joe ... These people were left out completely.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 8 “Wahine’inoloa (Evil Woman)” Episode Review

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 · Posted in

This was the best episode of the season by far. Finally one episode with action, great plot, great characters and well done! Congratulation writers!

I could see a Steve I missed so much. This Olivia Victor character and Vanessa Marcil brought out the best in him. I've seen her in Las Vegas ans she was great. She was great last night too. Alex O'Loughlin managed to show the chemistry well. I love it when I can see the sparkle in Alex's eyes. I know this wasn't a real chemistry but he did a really great job showing that he can't be played by a woman, no matter how pretty, sexy and smart she is.

Danny was also great. I guess something had changed, either me or the character but the truth is, he's not so annoying anymore. He know how to step in when it was needed.

I loved to see Kono and Steve together again. They should mix the couples more often.  Chin had little to do with the case and less screen time but it happens. I know we are going to see him more in the next few episodes.

Another great thing that I loved was to see Catherin in action with another (suspended) agent. Finally she does something, other than being McGarrett's girlfriend and doing favors for him all the time. She worked well with this guy. It was a pleasure to watch them together. Doris showed us her human side again. I loved how Cath treated Dorris. I wonder what happened with Mangosta?

I would love to hear how you liked the episode, let's see if this was the best so far or not!

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 7 - "Ohuna" - Episode Review

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 · Posted in

 Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 7 Ohuna
This was the best episode of season 3 so far, at least for me. Loved it, loved it, loved it! 

I'm so glad Kono finally got the chance to show her talent and this time the episode was partly about her. This was not the first time when she could make a connection with a child an this time it wasn't easy at all, the little boy being autistic. She looked really good in the red shirt, it really suits her. She's gorgeous!
I would like to see more of Kono and Chin in the future. They are not getting much screen time an I feel they can bring some extra so why not give them the chance to do so?

I was looking forward to see how is Mary going to take the news that her dead mom is very much alive. Well, the time has arrived and we could see the scene in this episode. I knew she would be mad and I wasn't wrong at all. This is normal, I would have been mad too.

The other good thing was to see Doris McGarrett crying. At least we know she's human and has feelings for her family, at least what's left of it. I'm glad Mary finally went to see her and truly hope she's going to quit being a CIA agent and she's going to be a mom. If she's going to be bossy again I'm going to be mad. It looks like Mary is growing up finally. Taking care of an old man is not an easy job at all and as I could see, she's serious about this. let's hope this will last, longer than the other jobs of hers. 

I also enjoyes the plot.I know this has been played many times in other movies but I don't really care. This one was written and played well. We could see Steve and Danny together, Chin in action and not to mention Kono. Toast, Danny's CI is a really great guy. I love that guy. Martin Starr has something special and I think he's a really great actor. I would like to see him more, if possible.

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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 5 - Episode Review

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 · Posted in

I guess this will be my shortest episode review ever.

I did not like this episode at all. It was creepy. I don't like Halloween and Seth and his grandmother were more then creepy. 

Steve had a great performance and I still say there is a great chemistry between him and Kono. 

DDK's new haircut did not win my heart. I hope this is not something permanent. 

The only enjoyable person was Monkey. She was great.

McG kissing Catherin and watching the show was ... :( 

I'd better let you guys tell me how was this episode for you and hope the next one is going to be a better one!

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 4 "Popilikia" - Episode Review

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 · Posted in

I'm starting realize Danny is not the worst in the show :) Till now he was the one who could ruin the show for me but today I had to realize it could be worst. I actually liked him this time too. 

The best scene (in a comic way) was when Kono told him to pay the psychic because he makes more money than she does.  That was sooo funny :) He has better carguments with Kono, sorry to say :) and I know 97% of you disagree but that's totally normal.

I liked the plot a lot. Finally we had plenty of action and the chance to see the "old Steve", the angry navy seal guy. He really looks good and healthy too. 

Now, I guess it's time to complain :) I don't know about you but for me this Dorris Mcgarrett character is a joke. Let's put aside who Christine Lahti is, I have great respect for her but it's not her I'm not satisfied with, it's the character. First, to break into Steve's home  like that, when she knows Steve is armed and Wo Fat is at large ... hm... it's a bit too much for me. I know she knows Wo Fat is not going to kill him, otherwise he wouldn't have hesitated last time but Steve doesn't know that, that's why this whole situation could have turned into a tragedy. All right, let's move on. So she breaks in, make themselves breakfast and wants to move in, unpack and calls Steve's house home. I know that's their old family house but since she failed to make it "home", I don't think she belongs there any more.  I can't take it as a joke, no matter how funny should this be. The other strange thing we have to swallow is that she got her son back but still unable to tell him the truth. I know she can't tell it all (the show would end) but to lie to Steve like that, even thought she knows Steve does not believe her and would find out the truth sooner or later, that's  ... too much for me I guess. She's bossing everyone around which I also don't like and let's not forget that Mary doesn't even know her mother is alive, let alone that she's back. Yes, it's a fiction move but even so, don't you think Mary has the right to know her long lost/dead mother is very much alive?  I hope I'm the only one who does not like this character at all.

 I can't stop asking myself, what's the big secret between Wo Fat and Doris?

P.S. I forgot to mention something. Steve jumping down the bridge with the guy... did you see how shallow the water was?  :))) I know, this is a movie :) I know.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 3 - Lana I Ka Moana - Episode Review

Sunday, October 14, 2012 · Posted in

My apologies for being this late with the review. I've been traveling and haven't got the time to watch the show and write the review.

But I'm finally here and proudly announcing that this is the shortest review ever so far.:)

Steve and Danny fishing trip: no comment (some of you will know why) :)

The rest of the show was great. I loved Kono and Chin and the last scene at Kamekona's was absolutely great. 

Note: Chin is still wearing the wedding ring. 

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 2 - "Kᾱnalua" - Episode Review

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 · Posted in


After a disappointing episode, I must admit, I fully enjoyed this one. Excellent episode! I guess I'm making progress regarding Danny. He was brilliant, enjoyed his performance very much. Now  I'm not sure I can take all the credit for, maybe the writer changed his  character, his story lines, I don't know but whatever it is, I like him like this. Now let's see what we had in this episode.

First of all I know it's a bit awkward to say a funeral was nice because the funeral means saying good bye to a loved one but this Hawaiian ceremony is a really nice one. It was nice to see all the team there, together, and Fong too. Catherin was struggling a bit on that surf board :) but it's totally fine.  

The fake cab hiding behind (or next to?) the bus to escape the police was excellent. I loved it. And it was obvious that Kono is going to be the paramedic :)

Max  gave Det. Williams an excellent speech, they had a great scene in front of the body,  I loved that. Danny calling the burnt guy "your boy crispy" ... wow, he made me laugh :) He is a funny guy. Why couldn't enjoy his performance till now? Do I have a problem or he's character is really becoming enjoyable. But before you start blaming me :) I have to say this is already the second time I love Scott's acting. I admitted it before. AmazingAlex and Zia knows, right?

Another great scene was at Max's office, where he pulled off the boiling scull of the guy. Did you see Danny's face? That was huge. I've been to the morgue myself, I've seen preserved dead bodies cut in pieces and left on the table for 6 months for teaching purposes, so  I know how he must have felt :)

I'm glad Chin is back to work and he did not fell apart. H50 is a team, they show it to us before and proved it again last night. That hugging at the H50 headquarter was a really nice moment. Another nice moment was at the end when they were out having a drink. I missed those moments. I know there is no time for everything but we need moments like this every now and then. I guess the scene of this episode was when Danny joined Chin on the beach and shared the moment with him. Finally we've seen another side of him, not just the selfish, arrogant Jersey guy. 

Ed Asner coming back made me a bit nervous. I did not like his character last time. He fooled the entire H50 team and I just hoped he's going to be punished this time, which actually did happen in a way or another.

As I see Catherin is going to have more to do here, she's not just McGarrett's girlfriend, although I'm not sure they are together, I mean I haven't see a kiss, or at least a hug this season. I could see the chemistry between them in the opening episode but that was all. She had a really great performance this episode.  Using that guy's username and password to find out where Mom is was a smart move and that bar scene gave her more screen time.

And finally I can't finish my review without mentioning Kamekona. This guy always makes me laugh when he shows up. He always has a stupid idea and that's why I enjoy him. 

The hero of this episode is DANOOOOO!!!! So please note that I was able to enjoy his performance.

This review is a bit different from the others, I apologize for giving you so much to read but I really loved it. 

Although there was something I did not like and that was the news that Dorris Mcgarret is on the island. She lied to Steve again. I bet she's with Wo Fat. Why else she would come back secretly? Look at the poll at the top of my blog. More and more people thing she's Wo Fat's mother. it's 63% so far. I still hope it's not true.

Thanks for reading it and as always, please feel free to comment it.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 Episode 1 - Episode Review

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 · Posted in

Well, after waiting 3 months for season 3 to start, I must admit I'm disappointed and a bit angry too. This was not the best episode of H50 for sure. 

But let's take one step at a time. 
Doris McGarrett - Her behavior for me is the biggest disappointment of all times in H50 history. Not even Lori or Danny could bother me this much. For a mom who put her whole family in danger, faked her own death, disappeared for 20 years, abandoned her kids, she's all of a sudden in the mood for giving Danny relationship and parenting advice, calling him Danno and smart ass, bossing Steve and Catherin around. Come on writers, you can do better. I know the carguments between her and Danny meant to be funny but for me it wasn't at all.

Wo-Fat's escape - It was interesting, I've never seen such a scene where a helicopter picked up an armored car before.I don't even know if a helicopter can hold such a heavy vehicle  but I'm not complaining, this is a movie after all.

I felt sorry for Chin. He had to take a tough decision, he did everything he could but it wasn't enough. Malia was a good woman, she did not deserve to die. I'm glad Chin had more screen time. Daniel Dae Kim had an excellent performance. 

Chin killing Delano - I don't know what to say about that.  He told the others that Delano is dead but we did not see Chin shooting him, we just heard the shots. I have a feeling that there is more there, something is not right. We'll see. 

I'm glad Kono and Adam are still together. I hope we are going to see much of them this season.

I was happy to see Kamekona again. He's sooo funny, I love this guy :)

I was surprised that Danny did not bother me at all this time. I hope he won't annoy me in the future either :) 

Mom and Wo Fat scene - that's something I don't understand. Dorris McGarrett  was staying in a house surrounded by police and Catherin armed inside the house. Wo Fat came, killed a police officer, Catherin came down, killed a man dressed as a police officer, Wo Fat went upstairs armed, went into the room, stood face to face with Mom, both ad their guns pointed to each other and all of a sudden three gunshots were heard and Wo Fat escaped, according to Mom. Really? Isn't that a bit strange? Wo Fat escapes from a woman who he went to kill? Wo Fat the most wanted killer of the island and the most dangerous criminal? Really? Something is not right here. I guess we are going to find out more dirt about Mom.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 2 Episode 23 - "Ua Hala" - Episode Review

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 · Posted in

It was a great season finale. I didn't see that coming but I enjoyed it.

I feel sorry for Fryer. He wasn't the best cop, he was kind of an elephant in the china store  but  that made him special and gave the show the contrast, so we can see the difference between Hawaii Five-0 and HPD. I was waiting for Fryer's wife to show up, we were told earlier that she's going to be part of the finale but that never happened, I have no idea why.

I had a poll about who is going to die. Well, most of the people said it will be Joe :) Sorry guys. 

Max took a bullet  he didn't  deserve. He did nothing wrong, I guess he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He's a good guy. Jo's gesture to take Max to the hospital was an appreciable one. 

Chin Ho Kelly was put to choose between two of his loved one, his cousin and his wife. He chose  Malia, his wife. I guess he was right to do that because Kono is a trained police officer and Malia is a doctor, so if one of them has some surviving and fighting skills, that's Kono, not Malia.

Now that Season 3 spoiler is out, my guess is that Malia is not going to make it. Kono can't die so it must be Malia.

Finally we could see Chin shirtless :) He looks great. 

It was good to hear Kono speaking to Adam Noshimuri :). I hope Adam gets out at the beginning of season 3 and we can see him with Kono from time to time.

Danny is in trouble again. He started season 1 fighting with his ex over Grace's custody all the time, Now he's back to square one again. He always says he hates this island and he stays in Hawaii just for Grace but I don't think he wants to leave now, besides he can't relocate each time Stan gets a new contract. He must settle down at some point. I'm really interested in  how this story is going to end.

Steve was awesome. He looks great and he's his old self again. Leaving to Japan with Joe again was a bit out of the blue. He tried to call Danny but got no answer and that was it. At this point I guess no one knows where he is, except Joe. And we found out that Shelburne is Steve's mother. We had a poll here about who Shelburne is and take a look :) I'm glad I still have that poll.

This is the last episode review this season but I'll be here posting whatever I can find about the show and the actors.

I want to thank you all for following this blog, for commenting and truly hope we can have another great season here.

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