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'Hawaii Five-0': Michelle Borth's return could strain the Catherine-McGarrett relationship

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The good news for “Hawaii Five-0″ fans is that Michelle Borth will be a full-time part of the show next season. The bad news is that her character, Catherine Rollins, and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) may be headed for some rough sailing in their relationship.
Showrunner Peter Lenkov says Catherine will join the Five-0 team next season, which means that her active duty in the Navy is likely at an end. Lenkov declined in an interview to say how she joins the squad, only that her addition “is very organic” to the show.
On the downside, though, McGarrett and Catherine may not handle that much togetherness all that well. In the five episodes Borth has appeared in previously, Catherine and McGarrett seemed pretty content together — but that could be partly because they don’t see one another very often, since she’s usually at sea.
Continuing their relationship is “going to prove to be difficult,” Lenkov says. “When she originally joins [the team], they are still dating, but it’s going to be difficult — just like any relationship is with [a co-worker].”
That’s next season, though. As for the rest of this season, Lenkov promises a “jaw-dropping” finale, which we’ll have more to say about after Monday night’s (May 7) Wo Fat-intensive episode. Check back after the 10 p.m. ET airing for more.

'Hawaii Five-0': Daniel Dae Kim on McGarrett's return, epic season finale -- EW VIDEO

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Image Credit: Norman Shapiro/CBS

Daniel Dae Kim is well versed in secret keeping. It was, he jokes (or not?), a “job requirement” on Lost. But if there’s one thing he’s not coy about, it’s his praise for the Hawaii Five-0 writing team, who dealt with unforeseen circumstances brought on by co-star Alex O’Loughlin’s sudden absence to seek prescription drug treatment.
“It was a development that could conceivably shut down a production, but we kept going and we hardly missed a beat. I really admired how they dealt with that,” says the actor. “[In tonight's episode] we have Alex back. I feel we’re much stronger all together as a group, but it’s nice to know we can function while one of us is away.”
McGarrett’s return (after a mere one-episode absence) is not done in a small way by any means. (The episode finds him taking on arch-nemisis Wo Fat, played by Mark Dacasos, as they both are pursued by the Japanese mafia.) The explosive hour sets the stage for the huge season finale, airing May 14. “Our finale is really something to watch,” says Kim. “Our show is known for big stunts and dramatic turns and the finale is kind of that on steroids. So I actually found the finale to be a real page turner.”
In the page turner is a death that will launch the team into a “direction that leads to a couple of other plots.” “The repercussions of that death are something that all the team members have to deal with,” says Kim. “The death is in the thick of things and it’s definitely a spring board for other events.”

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